Portfolio Committees

Sections 79 and 80 of the Local Government: Municipal Structure Act, Act 117 of 1998 deals with non-executive and executive committees. Section 79 committees are non-executive committees that may be established for the effective and efficient performance of any of a municipal council’s functions, or the exercise of any of its powers, provided that the municipal council determines the functions of a committee and delegates duties and powers to it.

The Council must appoint the chairperson, and may authorize a committee to co-opt advisory members who are not members of the Council within the limits determined by the Council. The Council may also determine a committee’s procedures.

The District Municipality in accordance with the Municipal Structures Act has the following Portfolio Committees in place:

Portfolio Committees



Cllr. P.M Mgcera

Municipal Finance Viability

Cllr. M. Bosman-Maasdorp

Institutional Development

Cllr. N. Prince

Service Delivery

Cllr. Lodewyk

Good Governance and Public Participation

Cllr. A. Matshimo

Social Economic Development

Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC)

The purpose of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) is to serve as an oversight committee to exercise oversight over the executive obligations of council. The MPAC will assist Council to hold the executive to account, and to ensure the efficient and effective use of municipal resources. By so doing, the MPAC will help to increase council and public awareness of the financial and performance issues of the District Municipality.

The MPAC is established in terms of section 79 of the Municipal Structures Act and performs an oversight function on behalf of Council and is not a duplication of other committees of Council, such as the Audit Committee.

The MPAC may engage directly with the public and consider public comments when received and will be entitled to request for documents or evidence from the Accounting Officer.

The Committee is responsible for the detailed analysis and review of the Annual Report and then the drafting of an oversight report that may be taken to full Council for discussion. This committee receives reviews made by the public.

The District Municipality has the following Municipal Public Accounts Committee in place:




Cllr Siyabulela Dubeni [Chairperson]

African National Congress [ANC]

Cllr Brenda Bock

African National Congress [ANC]

Cllr Samuel Esau

African National Congress [ANC]

Cllr Anna de Bruin

Congress of the People [COPE]

Cllr Hernico Ross

Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF]

Cllr Florence Lee-Anne Witbooi

Democratic Alliance [DA]

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