Planning and Development

The functions of this Directorate are:

  • The development and implementation of the Integrated Development Plan
  • IDP, as the Strategic Plan of the Municipality, informs all Municipal Decision- Making as well as all the Business Processes of the Municipality so the directorate is key to fulfil such a function
  • It also has a responsibility to ensure development adoption by Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality IDP Framework and IDP Process Plan.
  • The Spatial Planning and Housing is also the responsibility of this Directorate. It is the function of the directorate to identify suitable land for the various uses
  • To facilitate the establishment of LED partnerships that will ensure the materialization of the developmental objectives contained in the IDP;
  • To facilitate the implementation of SMME’s and Cooperatives through tourism support programmes that ensures the achievement of LED objectives.

The Units that fall under this directorate are:

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•  Centre of excellence in providing quality basic services through support to local municipalities
•  Indawo ebalaseleyo ngonikezelo lweenkonzo zodidi oluphezulu nenkxaso koomasipala basekuhlaleni
•  Bogare jwa matsetseleko mo go iseng ditirelo tse dibotlhokwa ka tshegetso ya bo-masepala ba selegae
•  Quality support to deliver quality services
•  Unikezelo lwenkxaso yodidi oluphezulu, neenkonzo yodidi oluphezulu
•  Tshegetso ya maemo a a kwa godimo go isa ditirelo tsa maemo a a kwa godimo kwa bathong