Executive Mayor on Radio Riverside

Executive Mayor at Radio Riverside    Executive Mayor with the team from Riverside & GCIS

The Executive Mayor of Siyanda did a radio interview on Radio Riverside to discuss amongst others the 16 days of activism of no violence against women and children. The Mayor said that it is the responsibility of each citizen to report matters of domestic violence and to not look away from these problems. Violence against women and children is a social issue and it concerns everyone.
The Mayor emphasised the importance of community members to be involved in the Integrated Development Planning process as this is the planning document of each and every municipality as a result communities should ensure that their needs are addressed in the IDP.

The Intergovernmental Relations Forum (IGR) is a platform where government departments, Mayors and Municipal Managers come together to discuss issues of mutual interest, this platform is used to identify areas where there are challenges in the delivery of services. The Executive Mayor invited all stakeholders to form part of the IGR.

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Kheis hands over houses

The !Kheis Municipality handed over 10 houses to indigent families in the community of Grootdrink. The delivery of these houses forms part of governments intent to provide houses to all.

At this occasion, the Speaker of Siyanda District Municipality, Cllr Mjila explained the role of government in terms of service delivery. “We are aware of the housing backlogs that exist in many of our communities and that is why we make it our mission to ensure that quality houses are build for our people”  

kheis hands over houses

The 77year old Bet Springbok could not contain her happiness when she unlocked the key to her house.

She mentioned to us that over the years she has stayed on different places in difficult circumstances, but now finally government has made it possible that she can have her own house. Marinda Isaacs was very happy that her 93year old mother finally has her own house. The house of Willemiena Goeiman burned down in 2009 and since then she has been staying in a shack but the fact that she now has her own house, gives her endless joy.
The Siyanda District Municipality plays a cardinal role in supporting and assisting category B municipalities in ensuring that they fulfil their mandate of rendering services to all.

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Siyanda District Municipality achieves unqualified audit opinion

The Siyanda District Municipality for the financial year of 2010/2011 achieved for the first time in its history an unqualified opinion. An opinion is said to be unqualified when the Auditor General concludes that the Financial Statements give a true and fair view in accordance with the financial reporting framework used for the preparation and presentation of the financial Statements. An unqualified opinion is regarded as a “clean bill of health” to a patient.
During the 2009/2010 financial year the district municipality received a qualified audit opinion and as such the current state of affairs is a huge improvement from the previous financial year.

As the Accounting Officer of the District Municipality I wish to thank the staff of Siyanda for all the hard work they put in to ensure that we receive a better audit outcome. For five consecutive years the municipality received disclaimers, which meant that the Auditor General could not express an opinion. The staff of Siyanda put in a lot of effort, time and energy to ensure that the audit recovery plan is fully implemented and without their hard work this would not have been possible.

I wish to further thank the Council of the District Municipality for the political guidance and support they have given us. As the administration it is imperative that we thank the Council for the believe they had in us in achieving this milestone.

I would be failing in my duty if I did not thank the Community of the Siyanda District for their patience with us. We made a commitment in the form of our Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan which is seen as a contract between the Administration, Council and the Community expressing the goals and objectives that we intend to achieve during a specific year.

It took us a while, but we have gradually improved our position and we want to thank all the role-players for believing in our ability to achieve the impossible. The responsibility is placed squarely on our shoulders to reach a clean audit and we can only achieve it with everyone’s involvement.

Once again we have proven that Siyanda is growing, as the name suggests.

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Annual Report 2010/2011

In terms of Sec 21(a) of the Municipal Systems Act, read with sec 127(5)(a) of the Municipal Financial Management Act, 56 of 2003, members of the public within the Siyanda District are invited to make representations or give comment on the annual report 2010/2011 financial year.

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District Council Visit B Municipalities

District Council visit B Municipalities

The Council of the Siyanda District Municipality visited the six category B municipalities that fall within the district. The purpose of these visits was to:

1. To explain the role of the district municipality in local government
2. To understand the challenges faced by local municipalities and thus to determine the how the district can render sustainable assistance to the B’s.

Chapter 7 of the Constitution determines that the objectives of local government are to provide democratic and accountable government to local communities and to ensure the provision of services to communities. The Municipal Structures Act (117/1998) requires that both the district and local municipalities should cooperate and support each other.
The Executive Mayor, Cllr. Gift Van Staden thanked the Mayors of the local municipalities for their honesty in sharing the challenges they face in the delivery of services.

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