The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements conducts oversight in the Northern Cape

The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements has this week conducted oversight visits in the Northern Cape to, among others; assess progress on the implementation of a comprehensive integrated human settlements strategy in the province.
The Committee has visited the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality on the 1st August 2013 and all the category B Municipalities in the District attended this very important meeting to discuss and engage on state of service delivery in the District.
The true test of democracy is the extent to which Parliament can ensure that government remains answerable to the people. This is done by maintaining constant oversight (monitoring) of government’s actions.
The Committee on Human Settlements has a Constitutional Mandate to conduct oversight of all organs of state, including those at Provincial and Local government level.

On the photo:
Left: Ms PC Oliphant, MPL (Chairperson: Standing Committee on Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs)
Right: Ms Nomble B. Dambuza, MP (Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements)


Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee, Ms Nomhle Dambuza (MP) highlighted in her opening remarks that the purpose of the visit goes far beyond oversight, but in essence is to look at the challenges facing municipalities in delivering services to the people. Ms Dambuza indicated that the Committee seeks to promote and enhance intergovernmental relations and co-operative governance principles in the delivery of human settlement services.

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Mandela Day 2013

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Government Departments, ZFM District Municipality and the DTI celebrated Mandela Day in the small community of Andriesvale, hidden away in the Kalahari. The program was informative and insightful as the community was informed about matters relating to starting businesses, registering cooperatives and certificates were handed over to 5 cooperatives in Mier. This goes to show that the community is serious about making use of all government opportunities but more importantly in creating their own work. This was a different approach to celebrating Tata’s birthday but the good that came out of it is immeasurable.

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Naturally, the day included handing over food parcels, blankets and visiting the elderly and making them feel special-to give true meaning to the day’s intent. We left the Kalahari knowing that the people of Andriesvale have sustainable job creation opportunities which go further than just 67minutes.

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Meeting with Audit Committee


The Audit Committee of the Siyanda District Municipality met with the Senior and Middle Management of the Municipality.
The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the audit report for the 3rd quarter.
The internal audit unit conducted as per usual, an audit of the internal controls that exist within the Municipality. It was imperative that management attend the meeting as the results have a direct impact on the running of departments.

Mr Ogu, Chairperson of the Audit Committee thanked the management for availing themselves during the audit process.

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Projects handed over to Groblershoop Communities

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The MEC for Roads and Public Works, Dawid Rooi handed over houses to 10 beneficiaries in Groblershoop. The MEC also launched various projects, these projects which are to be implemented during the 2013/2014 financial year include amongst others, the building of 800 houses, a police station, school and 3 business sites.

In his speech the MEC made it clear that the mandate of government is to render services to the people and for a long time not much has been happening in Groblershoop. He further emphasised the importance of cooperative governance in the approach of service delivery.
The 80 year old Maria Delie could not withhold her joy upon receiving the keys to her house.
“I am so grateful that the government has given me a house, for many years I have been living in a shack” said the 71 year old Maria Bostander from Grootdrink.

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New Reporting Structure at the District Municipality

The District Municipality, in relation to its new mandate of rendering support to category B municipalities, has developed a new reporting structure in order to ensure better monitoring of municipalities.

The reporting structure came as a result of the fact that there was no clear link between the District, Municipalities and sector departments.  The need for a reporting line was identified by the Mayoral Committee and decision was taken that the administration should design a structure where reporting and monitoring can take place.
It was agreed that the agenda of the Standing Committees should focus on the support that has been given to category B municipalities; the recommendations of these committees should in turn inform the agenda of the Mayoral Committee.  The Technical and Political IGR forums must also speak to one another and forms the platform where government departments can communicate with stakeholders including municipalities.

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