Council Endorses Draft Annual Report 2016.2017

During a Council meeting held on 31st January 2018, the Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality endorsed the Draft Annual Report 2016/2017. Coupled with this Council also adopted the Mid-Year Budget and Performance Report.

The Draft Annual Report is available on our website as well as our offices at C/o Dr Nelson Mandela Driveway and Upington 26 Ave. The next step in the process is that members of the public and all stakeholders have until 23 February 2018 to submit their written representations on the annual report, upon which Council will sit in March and either (1) Adopt the report with or without reservations; (2) Reject the report or (3) Refer the report back for revision. Stakeholders are requested to send their written representations to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The draft annual report with its attachments can be found as follows: Click here to read/download

  1. ZFM Draft Annual Report 2016.2017
  2. Annexure A Annual Performance Report
  3. Annexure B Audit Committee Report
  4. Annexure C Volume 2A Annual Financial Statements
  5. Annexure D Volume 2B Audit Recovery Plan


Council further approved the following documents in terms of Legislation:



ZFM Holds last Council Meeting


The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality held its last Council Meeting for the 2017 calendar year at the end of November 2017. As is the custom the meeting was opened with scripture reading by one of the local clergymen, who encouraged the Council to have faith in God.


Although the Council Meeting took care of its business of the day, there was time made for the Political Parties to convey their Christmas wishes and wished each other a prosperous new year.

On the agenda of the day was also the long service certificates to staff members who have been in the employ of the Council for a period between 10-30 years. The Executive Mayor, Cllr Abraham Vosloo thanked all these employees, especially Mr Frik Strauss who has worked for the Council for 30years.

“Hard work and commitment are the order of the day here at ZFM and we wish to thank you for loyalty and dedication over the years,” said the Executive Mayor in his final remarks.

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Learnership and Bursaries

The LGSETA (Local Gorvenment SETA) has approved the discretionary grant 2017/2018 (WSP) of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality. The DG Grant application was a joint venture approach on behalf of: Dawid Kruiper Municipality, Kheis Municipality, Kai Garib Municipality, Tsantsabane Municipality and Kgatelope Municipality. The implementation of the skills program and the learnership will comprise of learners from each municipality

The training intervention gives credence to ZF Mgcawu District Municipality’s Human Resource Strategy that is aimed at empowering employees, Councilors and the unemployed


A learnership is a learning programme that leads to an occupational or professional NQF qualification, with strong emphasis on workplace learning and experience.

A learnership has the following defining features:

  • A formal learning contract exists between the employer, the learner and training provider.
  • The learning achievements are formally assessed by an accredited skills development provider / assessor.
  • It includes a supervised and structured learning approach that has a combination of theoretical and workplace learning

What does the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality offer?

  • Bursaries
  • Learnerships

How can I apply?

If you meet the minimum requirements as required of the programme, you can then apply as per the relevant advertisement.

How and when are learnerships advertised?

Learnerships are advertised via radio stations, the website and sometimes in local newspapers. Depending on business requirements, Learnerships are usually advertised during September/ October of each year.

Who are learnerships for?

A learnership programme is mostly targeted at the unemployed, South African youth seeking qualifications to become employable.

Is there a selection criterion to participate in a learnership?

Yes, these will be stipulated when advertised.

What will I get after completion?

If the learnership is completed successfully, you will obtain a recognized qualification.

What is the duration of the learnership?

The length of a learnership will differ but normally it will not be less than one year.

Are there any costs involved to register for a learnership?

No. There is no cost involved when applying or registering to participate in a learnership.

Does the ZFM remunerate me whilst I learn?

Yes. The ZFM remunerates learners as per the relevant legislation and policies that govern learnerships. The amount will be made known to you when you are successful.

When learnerships are advertised, what documents / information must I attach when an application is made?

You must ensure that you forward the following:

  • The Learnership Application form
  • Certified copies of your identity document
  • Certified copies of the required / relevant qualifications or academic results (e.g. matric / Grade 12)


  • Bursaries are available for all who meet the requirements are per the advertisement

.Documents required

  1. Bursary application form
  2. Certified copy of Institution admission acceptance letter.
  3. Certified copy of Tuition invoice;
  4. Certified copy of Study material invoice;
  5. Certified copy of Accommodation invoice.
  6. Certified copy of your ID document
  • All forms must be initialised by applicants and witnesses.
  • Faxed or emailed applications will be considered

All applications must be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing date of applications is the 25 October 2017


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