Speaker and Executive Mayor Inaugurated

On the 23rd August 2016, the new Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality was inaugurated. The Speaker, Councillor Moses Moalosi and the Executive Mayor, Cllr Abraham Vosloo was elected to their positions unopposed.



                                                                                                                                                                    Cllr Moses Moalosi (Speaker)

The Speaker thanked family and friends for their belief in him and continued support and asked Councillors to work well together and put aside political differences.

Ex Mayor

                                                                                                                                                Cllr Abraham Vosloo (Executive Mayor)

The Executive Mayor was very excited about his re-election and thanked his wife and family for their support. He spoke about what the manifesto of the leading party means and that his goal is to implement these as best he can. These include creating a better life for all, delivery of services, accountability of Councillors and strengthening the economy.

The Council is committed to putting the interests of the family first.

The ceremony was concluded with ululations and well wishes.



The Mier Local Municipality and the //Khara Hais Local Municipality have been officially amalgamated. This was confirmed by Alvin Botes, MEC for Cooperate Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs.


Botes also announced that the name of the municipality will be Dawid Kruiper Municipality.

The amalgamation is aimed at optimising the financial viability of the new municipality.

In light of this, the Municipal Transitional Technical Management Committee resolved that since the name is proclaimed it is only appropriate that a well designed logo accompany the name.

We therefore call on the communities of Mier and //Khara Hais to share their inputs for the design of a logo for the newly proclaimed municipality.

Inputs and submissions are to be submitted to Ms Martha Manyehe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 054 337 2871 by the 2nd August 2016

We will welcome designs with detailed explanations of the symbolism or written suggestions

Community members are encouraged to fully participate in this process as at encapsulates the diversity of our district


Upington International Airport becomes the 3rd Solar Airport in South Africa


The minister of transport, Dipuo Peters has unveiled the Solar Plant at the Upington International Airport, in the ZF Mgcawu District on 22 July 2016. The airport’s Solar Plant will use the sunlight energy that will be converted into electricity using sunray-absorbing panels stationed at the airport.

Among the people who unveiled the solar plant were the Northern Cape’s Premier, Sylvia Lucas and the Executive Mayor of ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Abraham Vosloo


The Solar Plant, which was built by Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) cost R12.2 million. This will also, according to Minister Peters relieve //Khara Hais from supplying electricity to the airport. Minister Peters also emphasised on the importance of corporate companies converting to using solar power

The solar powered airport will contribute to energy conservation within the Northern Cape region. The solar plant utilises 18 inverters to convert the solar radiation into electricity and also 1620 solar photovoltaic panels.


Deputy President Speaks at Youth Expo

The Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa visited Upington recently. His mission to speak to the youth of Upington and sorrounding areas.


The Deputy President was accompanied by several Ministers and the Premier of the Province was also in attendance. The local representatives included the Executive Mayor, Cllr Abraham Vosloo and Mayor of //Khara Hais, Cllr Limakatso Koloi.

The Expo takes place under the theme: "Youth moving South Africa Forward" which is the theme for youth month 2016 and it serves as a call for young people to determine their destiny and seize the opportunities provided by government and the private Sector. Furthermore its a call for young people to contribute towards building a united, democratic, non racial, non sexist and prosperous South Africa

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